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How to dropship through AliExpress

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How to dropship through AliExpress

So long story short I watched Fred lams (zero up method) webinar the other day.

I'm in slump with my affiliate sites right now so I though I would give this a try.

I started up a shopify store and have added some products from Ali express.

I started a Facebook ad campaign. And Continue to build my store.

My only issue is or question I should say.

How do I keep record of the product pages from Ali express? When someone buys somthing from my store I need to go to the actual product page URL and order it.


I actually created a word doc pasted all product page URLs with product pics next to the URL. (So I know what to order when I recive a Custemer order)

Is this the only solution selling wholesale products? Or could I link the Ali express product page to my shopify admin area?

I have not recived any orders yet so I don't really know how the ordering process looks when I recive an order
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It seems that's the only way to do it with AliExpress :
Post images of products on your website
Customer places order
You place order on AliExpress
AliExpress sends the product directly to customer

I have not tried dropshipping so I can't say if there is another, maybe automated, process. The following pages might help :
SaleHoo - Your Complete Guide to Dropshipping
My Dropshipping Journey with AliExpress

Hope that helps. All the best!
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Their might be a easier way to keep record of what whole sale items I sell but, the reason I started saving the product page URLs. Is be couse I went to Ali express to look up a product I havery on my store and I couldn't find it so I had to delete it from the store. I don't want that to happen with a actual customer order.
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Hi Nate,

Another esier way to save the products on Aliexpress is to directly save the product listing on your Aliexpress account by adding the produt in your wish list. Here's how: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L7Hdgfyb1IE
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I would recommend checking this source https://alidropship.com and try AliDropship plugin if you like WordPress.
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