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How do you promote JVZoo products?

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How do you promote JVZoo products?

Hi Affilorama,

For some reason clickbank does not allow me to register with them, with that, I saw in the forum other affiliate sites that can work as other option for clickbank. The one that attracted me is JVZOO. I have an account with them already but I believe it lacks the gravity and other options that I can see in clickbank. I may be wrong but have someone used jvzoo and how did you work around this site? thanks
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You won't find "gravity" in JVZoo as this is specific to ClickBank only. There are tutorials online you can follow like this one.

The process is the same though : find products related to or are under your niche. Since there is no "gravity" to refer to, you can check out reviews for the products to find out which ones are performing well.

Hope that helps. All the best!
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You promote the product by:
- Use email marketing
- Write a quality article and seo on google top
- Review product reviews on forums, blogs
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I have been know to promote products from JVZoo from time to time. JVZoo doesn't have the gravity feature like clickbank.

Many products on JVZoo require approval before they allow affiliates to promote.

Clickbank is much easier to use but JVZoo is a good alternative if you are having troubles on Clickbank.
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you need a account and choose product, get link from vendor and start promote.
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