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High Ticket / Consumption Affiliate Programs

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High Ticket / Consumption Affiliate Programs

Guys, I have a quick question for you.

If given a choice, which affiliate program do you prefer?

1. An affiliate program that pays you $30-50 for every sale you made and up to $200-300 assuming any or few of your customers buy all the backend products? OR

2. An affiliate program that pays you $200, $300, $500 to even $1000 for just ONE sale you make.

I recently joined a program called MOBE aka My Online Business Empire.

It is founded by an Australian Matt Lloyd.

Besides this, I also got a free copy of his latest book called Limitless Profits and upgrade to his other program called MTTB or My Top Tier Business Model.

What Matt presents is a very interesting concept.

Instead of working your butt off to get as many sales of say an affiliate program which pays you $30-50 just to accumulate $1000 every month - which I believe is what most marketers are aiming for to quit their jobs and do IM full time, why don't you spend the same amount of time on programs that pays you $100 to even $1000 and beyond with minimum number of sales?

However what Matt presents are affiliate programs WITHIN the internet marketing niche.

What about affiliate programs OUTSIDE the internet marketing niche?

What kind of products will people be willing to pay $500, $1000 and beyond?

Without any sales pitch or persuasion on the marketers' part?

Have you ever asked yourself those questions?

I have.

Every night before I sleep.

And based on my observations reading the papers and getting involved in live events of physical product launches, here are my conclusions though you may correct me or add some more if you want.

1. Holiday Vacations

2. Hotels

3. Apartment And Car Rentals / Full Purchase

4. Women Stuff eg, makeup, jewellery, watches, clothing and all other accessories

5. Fine Dining

6. Healthy Cooking Recipes

7. Health Supplements

8. All Consumer Products Like Household and Electronics Items.

These are what MOST people - even you and I - WILL buy if they got $.

So instead of just buying those stuff and still promoting info/information products on Clickbank, have any of you guys THOUGHT about becoming affiliates for what I just listed above?

It might surprise you but some of those programs are CPA offers that can pay anywhere from $300 to $500.

NOT per sale.

But per lead.

This is what I uncovered having done Google, Market Health, Offervault and O'Digger research
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mark schaaf
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I have been marketing the first 3 on your list for years and they are high ticket items but low commission. Most hotel programs only pay about 5% so for every hundred dollars the person spends you will only get 5 dollars in commission. so for a 1000 dollars in sales you only get 50 bucks. I really enjoy the travel niche but if anything needs a high sales volume to make any money it is the travel niche. Not to mention it is one of the most competitive niches out there it is very difficult to make good money at it.
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There are high-ticket items on the web.

Just that not every marketer knows about it.

Recently I attended a webinar by Andrew Hansen, Aidan Booth and Sara Young.

And what Andrew and Aidan Booth teaches is very powerful.

A strategy that can not only get you to earn your first $ in 3 hours but a site which shows what is hot now and in the near future.

Thought you might want to check these out.

1. iwriter.com and

2. trendhunter.com
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There are actually several high paying affiliates in the travel niche. However, (I think) that these vendors like to see high-quality content from their affiliates. I heard most affiliates in the travel niche get rejected simply because their website content did not pass the requirements.

IMO, for high ticket items, you really need to think outside of the box. Another important strategy to apply for these niches, is to come up with a really targeted/specialised market.
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The way Andrew and Aidan do their market and SEO research is very different from other marketers.

While most marketers tend to depend a lot on software stats be it Market Samurai, Niche Finder, Longtail Pro etc, they tend to depend on what REAL people and clients actually think about the products.

And most importantly, how eager they are to spend $ when presented with offers?

Andrew and Sara do come up with a software tool called Diamond Keyword Miner which helps to differentiate between those who are looking to buy and those who are just looking for reviews or free info.
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