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Debt Affiliate Program

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Debt Affiliate Program

I have an brilliant affiliate program to share. Debt Free LIfe is a top Debt Settlement company based in US. BBB registered.

Online Promotion of Debt Settlement Services through Banner ads on your website.

If you have a website that attracts US addressees, all you have to do is put on view the banner ad on your website. The banner ad tracks all your consumers and keeps a track of it. You get backend support to login and check your stats.

If you produce 100 leads per month, you should easily get 10 sales. On an average, 1 sale would yield you $350 worth of commission. It would largely depend on the debt amount of the consumer. 100 leads usually produce 10 sales in a month, it would imply an easy takings of $3500 per month.

That is it, you dont have to do something else. DFL does the whole lot else. All you need to do is place the Banner ad on your website, surplus is managed by DFL.

Please check the affiliate sign up link: Debt Affiliate Program (This page would also answer a lot of questions you may have.)


Check the details of option 2) Revenue Share Lead Generation

Effectively Converted Lead for this Service Payout Structure
Credit Repair $25
Debt Consolidation 20% of first month’s payment
Merchant Cash Advance 1% of advance amount
Debt Settlement 2% of debt load

If you are interested in Closing deals on your own, here is what we offer right now:

Debt Settlement: Upto 9% of Total Debt Amount.
Debt Consolidation: Upto 85% of the First Month Fees.

Hope to get an tremendous response from good people out here.
If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch.
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Hi jamesusa,

Thanks for sharing! I especially like the site can convert to spanish! ;)

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Thank you for sharing. I will try to apply this for my credit counseling site at http://www.successfromdebt.com.
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justmax4me wrote:Thank you for sharing. I will try to apply this for my credit counseling site at http://www.successfromdebt.com.
Great site, you have shared... ;)
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This is an interesting program - although I am an Affiliate Manager myself- thanks for sharing- good to know about this.
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