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Could I promote products that I haven't used?

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Could I promote products that I haven't used?


As I surf different websites, I regularly read posts from affiliate marketers who advise newbies to only promote the products which you have experience with. An affiliate should only recommend a product that he has tried out by himself and exactly know about the product and what it has to offer.

Now, I totally agree with that, but I wonder which products you can promote if you haven't enough experience yet.
Should you direct visitors to "unknown" products?
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You do not always have to have experience with the product to review it. A good and usually unbiased way is to search forums for the product that you want to promote and see what "real" people are saying about it. Then base your review on what people who have actually used it are talking about. You could be an unbiased reviewer just reporting on the product.

Check out the following forum search engines for ideas.
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328212 wrote:Should you direct visitors to "unknown" products?

The products that you would be promoting would not exactly be 'unknown' to you because you would be providing product reviews for your site visitors. You'll be doing a lot of research on the product and could report the users actual experiences even if you have not personally tested the product.
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You absolutely do NOT need to use the products. You definitely want to check the product out as mentioned above. Visit forums, look for reviews in forums rather than online reviews, since those are written by people like us wanting to sell the product so they will be a bit skewed.

I personally will email the owner and request for a free copy. You would be surprised how many people will give you a free copy if you let them know you are wanting to promote them.

Before I ask for a review copy I will have my website up and running, with their product already being promoted. Then I give them a link to that page.

I will many times copy and paste some of the testimonials from the owners site, then I'll say, "click here" for more testimonials. That will take them to the sales letter where they can find more testimonials on their own. But the clickbank "cookie" is set in place at that point.

I do like to actually read or see the guide/ebook/videos etc... in order to provide a better review. Sometimes I have purchased the product through my affiliate link in order to do this if I don't get a freebie. But I would say I usually have a 75% success rate on freebies when all my ducks are in a row so to speak.

Alternatively, you can also look in the forums for complaints about specific products. I have also done this in my research. I find several products for sale in the same niche. Then I look to see if there are complaints. Once I find that the duds, I will then let people know that I refuse to promote anything but quality products, I hint about the competitor but I never say the actual name of the competitors product.

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As said above, you are not going to use every single product you promote.

However, I recommend you carry out a research about the product you are going to promoting to make sure it it as advertised and not hyped up.

And also, beware of these (scams.org) sites... sometimes, they are the biggest scammers...

All the best,
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This is all good,....

think about it, do you think the employees at a retail store has used all the products that they sell?

Just be careful of making claims to using the product if you have not. instead of saying you have used a product, ask if you can swipe a couple of testimonials from the sales page. if you are doing it to promote them, most people wont mind, but make sure you ask first.

I find a lot of products that I see the benefit in them, and I check them out thoroughly finding people that have used it, and not relying on testimonials which will always be slanted to the side of the site owner anyway.
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