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"Cookies" And Getting Creamed!

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"Cookies" And Getting Creamed!

It is my newbie understanding that once a customer links to a product site through an affiliate website, a cookie is placed on the customer's computer allowing the affiliate to "get credit" for the sale should the customer not purchase right away and return to the product site at a later date. Does this mean that the only way for the affiliate to miss out on the sale is by one of these two things occurring:

1) The customer has all cookies blocked or doesn't accept them
2) The customer clears his cookie cache. (which seems to me like gloom and doom for the affiliate)

I would love to hear all thoughts on customer cookie problems.

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Yes you are correct and on top of that you can add:

3) The customer is surfing in private mode and all cookies will be automatically deleted when the browser is closed.
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The other way to lose the sale is for hime to go on searching for info and buy via the link of another affiliate.
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JC Dean
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although this is true, the vast majority of people don't understand their computer the way we do. Sometimes we assume that because we know something others do as well.
The majority of people that I talk to dont even know what cookies are, much less how to clear them.

Yes, you will lose some sales from this, but the majority of people won't.

Look to your mindset. don't focus on the reasons that you will lose sales, as this is all wasted energy. also, if you focus on failure, that is what you will get.

Focus on the abundance of people out there who want to buy from you. dont worry about the ones that don't.
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