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Clickbank - US tax requirements for non-residents

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Clickbank - US tax requirements for non-residents

I have been earning affiliate income from Clickbank for several years now and have been paying income tax in New Zealand on it (I am a NZ citizen).

However, I have now become concerned that I might be required to file a US tax return for this income as Clickbank does not withhold any tax on this income. I know that Amazon withholds 5% tax on income earned through their site when you claim international tax treaty benefits and you don't need to file a tax return for this because tax is withheld at the correct rate. But if Clickbank isn't withholding anything does this mean that I have to file a US tax return for my earnings and pay 5% tax?
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Your question is best answered by a local accountant, someone who is familiar with the tax fine print in your area.

I' run this through a senior staff though and get back to you.

All the best!
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I'm not an accountant, but if you're paying tax on your income in your country then I would imagine your following your country's tax laws. If you don't have a business presence in the USA, I don't believe you have to pay US taxes as well.
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It is basically the same with other countries. You will pay taxes in your country of residence only. You do not need to pay any taxes to the US government.

ClickBank does not mention anything for affiliates in NZ about taxes, but CB does collect and remit taxes for US and EU countries: https://accounts.clickbank.com/accounting.html#A15

I advise you contact CB directly and also consult a local accountant in your area to clear this issue.
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