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ClickBank Sales Declining

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ClickBank Sales Declining

I've received over 650 hops to my clickbank products in the last two weeks with no sales. These numbers are taken from only the sites that I have been making consistent commission from for the past year. I can't figure out whats going on. Has anyone else noticed a decline in their sales?
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I've been noticing my clickbank hops have been down across the board.

And I have one product that only earns me around every 900 hops... yikes!
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When this happens, I tend to change the hoplink ID to another clickbank account to test it and see if something fishy is going on with the first account.
Clickbank is good, but sometimes I really wonder about their umm.. "ability" to track sales and consistency.

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I haven't promoted a Click Bank product in quit some time, but sometimes I wonder about all affiliate networks in general.

I run banner adds occasionally on My Space; mostly for stuff from the Share a Sale network (Share Sale maybe). I tried to promote a acne product from the Market Health network and found for each 100 times My space said the banner was clicked I would only see 70 clicks in the Market Health stats.

The stats for share a sale products match one to one.

P.S. I keep trying to make money with My space Banner ads but haven't hit a winner yet. Plenty off traffic though.
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JC Dean
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I'm having the opposite problem - for some reason even though my site is new and Google Analytics says I'm only getting 5-30 visitors a day (which sounds right), clickbank will tell me that I've had 87 hops on a day where I had only 10 visitors. This keeps happening. No sales yet, but what does this mean???
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Hi jraby3,

One or more of those visitors could have clicked on one or more of your affiliate links multiple times. From what I know, hops are the number of clicks on your hoplinks and not the number of visitors to your site.
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I have the same problems with affiliate networks. It seems (although you cannot prove) that they skim sales. Just make sure that all your affiliate links are correct and working and then keep moving forward.
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I don't not see such issue. My sale is going up an up.
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Be careful if you are using programs to shorten your link. I was using bit.ly to shorten my links, and now I have just realized that the link was getting directed to a page saying 'stop is this link from a trusted site, click if you know it is' - yeah right how many people would click on it after seeing that message. I clicked it of course and it went straight to the clickbank product I was promoting.
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