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ClickBank or Amazon review website?

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ClickBank or Amazon review website?

As of now I am very much interested in creating a niche review site that will review a select few products that are similar to one another.

Right now I am contemplating between making a niche review site that features a few clickbank products or an amazon niche review site.

As I see it, Clickbank is the way to go. Click bank most of the time offers a much larger commission than most amazon product. However, Amazon review sites seem to be greatly appraised in the world of niche sites.

What are the draw backs of creating a click bank review site over an amazon one?
Check out this click bank review site for instance. https://fitnessnerd.org/old-school-new-body-review/

This old school new body click bank link must make this site a ton of money every month since the site its self ranks number 1 for a "old school new body review" search. It just seems so simple and easy to replicate but I know it cant be. I must be missing something. I just dont see why anyone would settle for a amazon niche review site when they can make MUCH larger commissions on through clickbank.

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It's a matter of preference. Some marketers prefer Amazon, others prefer ClickBank.

The main difference between the two is the product you get to promote. Amazon is mostly physical products, while ClickBank offer digital products.

The commission may not seem that high for Amazon, but there are marketers doing well promoting their products. Also, some items in Amazon have a higher commission over others.

Hope that helps. All the best!
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In some of my sites, I use Amazon and Adsense, in others clickbank and Amazon, so you must track and twist on regular basis in order to know what works for that particular site.
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