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Can you make significant money selling Clickbank eBooks

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Can you make significant money selling Clickbank eBooks

For the past seven months, I have been working on a website to promote Clickbank eBooks together with my own eBook. Today I read this paragraph from a Super Affiliate's free lesson PDF. I wonder if anyone can comment on this statement as being true or false. It would be great to hear from others who either a) have infact had significant success promoting Clickbank ebooks or b) through extensive testing found the statement below to be true.

"If you’re on Clickbank, you should know that most affiliates make their money off
of software and membership sites. Only a handful of eBooks make any
significant money on Clickbank. That's NOT where the money is. Also, look for
new offers that have recently jumped into the top 10. Almost anything in the top
10, even an eBook, can be worth testing."

It was like a punch in the stomach to read this but I realize it is only one person's opinion. I would be grateful for additional opinions and experiences.
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Don't be discouraged by that comment. The thing about clickbank ebooks is some sell well, others flop. For instance, I have a pond website. I have not sold ONE single clickbank pond ebook. However, I have learned a great deal since I built that site.

Mainly I have learned to look at the PPC "sellable" value of the ebook. If you see people promoting an Ebook in Adwords, a lot of ads, then most likely the ebook is selling well.

The ebooks for my pond site have just about zero PPC ads. This of course is just ONE thing to consider. There are other factors which Mark covers in his AB program.

Years ago I sold an ebook in Clickbank. I earned about $3,000 and the ebook sold for about $27.00 I think. I promoted it through my personal ezine and website. Back then I had about 2,000 subscribers and it was easy to sell because my subscribers really loved my newsletter and already knew I delivered top quality content. This was back in 2002 so tons of things have changed. But the fact is, it did sell!

My WoW site is selling several ebooks from Clickbank each week. I earn over $50.00 a week, sometimes almost $200.00 in any given week (sometimes zip - grrr).

The key is to rank well for the "buying" keywords and offer good quality content. I believe the reviews on my site are pretty good as they were written by someone who actually plays the game and loves the guides. I actually own a copy of the main ones I promote and even go as far as to buy them for my writers - <don't gasp!>

Okay, so I may not be earning thousands of dollars a week, but I have only been promoting clickbank ebooks since April. :P

The statement is only TRUE if you haven't done your homework and are shooting into the dark hoping the niche you are targeting will be profitable.

Never let someone else "steal" your dreams!

Best Wishes,
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The person you quoted is a Super Affiliate who probably makes $50,000
a week on Clickbank, so what he is telling you is really true. Look for
the membership sites and something that may be coming off, leaving the top 10.
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The thing about membership sites and such is you get recurring commissions rather than a one time sale. However you can make money either way. It is comparing apples and oranges, some like one better, some like the other. Decide what YOU want and stick with it.
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Nope. This isn't true. Be careful about what you read because many of these "gurus" try to influence you so you ultimately buy their product.

This is not true. Don't believe everything you read.

Want an example? http://burnthefat.com I don't know how many millions he made, but that's a lot. Another: http://truthaboutabs.com Do you know how much he makes? 4 Millions per year. (no typos here), and the list goes on and on...

Stop reading and start creating more affiliate sites, ok?

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