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Best way to recruit affiliates ?

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Best way to recruit affiliates ?


Looking for some good recommendations for the best way to recruit some new affiliates?

Any suggestions would be great!

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You can check out these useful resources:

http://heronacademy.com/lab/merchant-ma ... uct-part-1

http://heronacademy.com/lab/merchant-ma ... uct-part-2

https://charlesngo.com/find-affiliates- ... r-product/
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Try to search for Opinion Leaders in your sphere - the most popular bloggers, for example, and then communicate with them. While just starting your business, it is very important to cooperate with someone who`s name is valuable in he sphere. The approach to communication is very specific thing and depends on usual business practice in your niche.
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Hye You can use social media to find affiliates. In my opinion, these forums are the best place to find the affiliates. If your affiliate network is attractive enough, affiliates will contact you by themselves..
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In my opinion, the main sources for affiliates recruiting are:
thematic forums,
affiliate blog posting,
social networks (mostly linkedin),
visiting offline events of affiliate business.
You can also place your offers on different offer aggregators sites.
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you can search through forum and skype also ))))))
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The best way is to invest in the promotions. Social media advertising can be a good way for you to attract new affiliates. Btw how are you currently recruiting affiliates? Maybe we could see what you have already tried and why it works or doesn’t.
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Tips to Recruit Affiliates Directly.
Make sure you have an optimized affiliate sign-up page on your website. Invest in PPC (Pay Per Click) recruitment campaigns. Use segmentation to find your ideal affiliate profile. Focus on identifying the right affiliates. Contact affiliates directly. Recruit new affiliates.
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Hello! The best way to find good affiliates is to look for them in forums, such like that one
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affiliate blogs,
social networks (linkedin),
thematic forums,
offline events of affiliate business.
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Hye You'll be able to use media to locate affiliates. These forums would be the perfect place. If your affiliate system is appealing enough, then affiliates will contact you . .
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