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Anyone familiar with My Membership Empire?

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Anyone familiar with My Membership Empire?

Hi there,

I'm a newbie joining in for the first time and want to know what others think of My Membership Empire. I'm reasonably computer savvy but want to know if it is too much for a newbie to handle. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks Debbie
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Just my gut feeling but I think it would not be all that easy for a newbie.
Most programs don't spoon feed newbies.

I would go with a training program such as Affilio Blueprint.


I got curious so i did some looking around
found this thread at the Warrior Forum about MME.
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JC Dean
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Hi Debbie,

I purchased MME and still in the process of installing the membership site because of limited time. The videos provided are very easy to follow that even a complete newbie can follow it.

As to the site launcher, the icons on the site launcher page could be intimidating to some newbies, but if they will just follow the videos and go for the basics, i guess all will go fine.

I suggest create a duplicate copy of the download html files and work with it. Keep the original as backup copy if something goes wrong. The first site is always the most challenging but as you overcome it....everything comes easy.

If you can't still work out the problem, contact support for help or outsource the installation of the sites. Even if you outsource it, it would still come up cheap because you save time in creating the affiliate sites.

Hope this helps....
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I saw this in an email from Mark and I just can't figure it out. I honestly don't see the value. If I wanted to start a membership site I could quite easily do it myself (since I am a programmer), but I have no desire to get into recreating affilorama.
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Hey everyone I just purchased MME and its been working great. The best part I think is that you get to use the product your selling (obviously for the price haha) and have full reselling rights for it. So now it is just easier and fast to crank out professional looking sites in no time at all so you can have more time to work on your money makers.
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