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AlerterSystem.com (40%) Up To $679.60 / Month / Referral

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AlerterSystem.com (40%) Up To $679.60 / Month / Referral

AlerterSystem.com - https://www.alertersystem.com - is a SaaS service that notifies people via email, SMS, chat, push, and webhook platforms:

- When the unexpected happened.
- When the expected did not happen.
- When it took longer or shorter than expected to happen.
- When things appear on or disappear from web pages.

Affiliate commission is 40% of all fees.

Revenue comes from monthly subscription fees ranging from $19.95 per month up to $1,699.00 per month.

In other words, commissions are between $7.98 and $679.60 per month per paying referral.

Affiliate program information: https://www.alertersystem.com/affiliates/program/.

Pricing structure: https://www.alertersystem.com/pricing/.

You may also find the https://www.alertersystem.com/help/affiliates/audiences article interesting.

The service was founded in September 2022.
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