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affiliates who and how

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affiliates who and how


my name is Joe and i am an account manager for an affiliate program.
i would like to know from the more experienced members (or who ever have info), why its so hard to find affiliates to work with?
why cant it be just like looking for , lets say a barber? why it feels as you chase ghost ?
i am from one side of this equation, can some one help me figure this one out?

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Hi Joe, most affiliates want to promote products/services that are not low ticket items, below $30 bucks or so, we have a very low ticket item ($4.98/month recurring) and it's impossible to get affiliates to promote it.

The best way we found to get an affiliate is to befriend them 1 on1 and give them a special deal/bonus, e.g. on webinars.

It also helps to have a good converting OFFER.

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You need to make it worth their while. Why would someone do all of the heavy lifting and allow you to take home a larger chunk of the commission? Having offers that convert well is also necessary, if you are advertising a product that has a very low chance of selling affiliates won't be interested.
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Happy New year
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The easier you can make it for the affiliate to integrate with what they are already doing, the more likely they are to do it.

Find people that are already selling and/or promoting a complimentary product that would benefit by adding your product to the sales funnel. They already have the targeted buyer traffic that will convert to sales for your product (giving them a nice commission).
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