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Affiliates Programs - Who is good and who is bad?

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Affiliates Programs - Who is good and who is bad?

Hi my name is Louie I am what you would say a newbie, I have watched almost all of your videos I really don't know where to start I want to create a few web pages with xpro and put some adsense ads on them and some affiliates but you don't say what affiliates are good and what ones to stay away from? I placed a few ads on google promoting click bank products and I lost my shirt.
Can you offer any suggestions what works and what doesn't?
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Hi Louie,

There's much more involved in putting some adsense ads and promote some affiliate programs...

First of all you've got to find a niche. Make that you don't have too much competition.
Learn to know the niche, by visiting forums and groups to discover what those people actually need.

That means that you know which keywords you need to put in your keyword list.

Once you know what they need, you can determine what product you can offer to those people.

How do you do that?

By searching through the Clickbank marketplace to find a product that responds to all the criteria that you discovered in that niche.

Then and only then, you can create a Adwords campaign and a landingpage to receive visitors that typed in your chosen keywords in Google.

As for adsense you probably know what you should do to make your ads not look like ads.
There's also a nice blog-post about the placement of your ads , that Mark posted.

Hope this helps a bit,

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Hey Louie! Welcome! Don't worry, everyone has been a newbie at some stage :)

I'm going to be putting some new lessons up in the next week or so about finding profitable markets, and you might find them useful. Basically they'll tell you how to "brainstorm" for a topic, I guess, and then work out whether that topic will be profitable.

The thing to note is that there are some topics/affiliate programs that are profitable to promote through pay-per-click (like Adwords) but there are also topics that are much harder to make money from. The good news is there are ways of working out whether it'll be good before you dive in, and the video discusses this.

Similarly, there are topics that don't have many (or any) good affiliate programs to participate in, but might be really profitable for Adsense or similar. Some of these have little to no competition also! The videos are also going to talk about this.

At the very least they should get your brain juices going. Until then, take a look through the affilorama affiliate program directory (www.affilorama.com). The directory takes listings from a number of places and puts them into one place, so it's a good place to start.

- Mark
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Welcome Louie!

You may like to have a watch of this video "Affiliate Networks Used by Professional PPC Gurus"

https://www.affilorama.com/pay-per-click ... e-networks

There are some recommendations of great programs to use and the pros and cons of each.

Good luck and remember to keep asking questions if you're not sure.

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