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Affiliate program VS Adsence

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Affiliate program VS Adsence

Affiliate program VS Adsence
Which is the best and why
Waiting suggestions !!!
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affiliate programs hands down. you will make 10 times the money with affiliate advertisements than you will with adsense.
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I say either way you can make the same money. But, I say if you are a newbie you want to start with affiliate programs so that you can learn to rank for keywords before you work adsense. To make real money with adsense you need to know how to target keywords and use the correct keyword combinations so as to invoke those 1$-20$ adsense ads. Adsense is a science, you cant just place adsense ads on a site without looking at many factors, otherwise you will be making cents per click.
Master affiliate programs first, then educate yourself on how the real adsense science works.
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In my humble opinion, if you have specific niche website then promoting associated with your nice affiliate programs would be in many cases a much more effective way of monetizing your traffic. If your website/traffic source is not that much targeted in specific niche then Adsense might be better for you.
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It depends on your strategy....affiliate programs can earn a lot of money if marketed properly, but websites with adsense can earn a fair amount as well....If you are good at promoting products related to a specific niche, then affiliate programs would be the way to go, but if your website is more of a free information type, which gets a large amount of traffic, then adsense might be a good idea....
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I agree with Michael. If you're on a niche-type site, then I suggest you go for affiliate programs but if your site is more of a blog which does not focus on a certain niche, then you should monetize using Adsense.
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Affiliate program is better of course. because it gives you more constant earning for a long run,
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