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5 tips for newbie media buyer

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5 tips for newbie media buyer

You're just starting your first media buying campaigns? Never fear! We’ve prepared a step-by-step strategy for you. Focus on?

The first stage you’re gonna face -???????????

Because, scaling up is only possible once your campaign becomes a fluid and constant stream of revenue.
Which verticals do you feel comfortable working with? Here the decision is completly yours - #dating #datingmainstream #adult #sweepstakes #mobilecontent
Once you pick a vertical, you’re getting closer to getting those golden offers running. Having a list of offers to test - choose your affiliate network.

Step 2 – ??? ???? ???????? ??
(Choose Bidding Strategy, Targeting, Creatives)
Important information: the bid value will depend on the targeted country, the ad format and your strategy.

Wanna hear the 3rd one?
??? ???????????? ????? should begin only when you have a good amount of data. Moreover, be sure to test other time frames.
You need to be on top of the situation, regularly checking your campaign’s performance. When you keep track of the changes, it’s much quicker for you to see the impact. Do you want to get FREE Whitelist? Write us now & and we'll send it to you!
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Identify a Target Market.
Get the Budget in Order.
Figure Out the Best Spot for Your Ads.
Executing the Cosmetic Phase.
Track Both Successes and Failures.
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