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What is Affilotools?

Affilotools is a browser-based, Premium suite of tools for marketers. It gives you a "whole picture" of what is going on with your website: search rankings, social media, revenue, and traffic.

Affilotools can help you discover which keywords are are most important and are helping you most on your site. It allows you to track rankings in different regions and search engines all at the same time.

You can track your traffic by connecting Affilotools to your site's Google Analytics. It allows you to track your ClickBank earnings, even your site's Facebook and Twitters pages.

Affilotools also has the built-in Link Finder tool. This helps you find high-quality websites in your niche that you can build links in.

It has Health Check which spots technical issues for you.

You can try the free version of Affilotools using your Affilorama logins. Affilotools now has subscription plans available that will allow you to connect Affilotools with a specific number of websites.

Affilotools Subscription Plans

Once logged in to Affilotools, click on the green plus (+) button on the the center of the page and enter a domain name to unlock its functions. It does not have to be a registered domain name. It could be a dummy domain name, or the domain name of your favorite site.

You can change the domain name at any time.


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