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How do I upload a database in Premium Hosting

Before you can import a database, you first need to create a new database in the MySQL page of the Premium Hosting control panel. This FAQ teaches you how to upload a MySQL database into an existing database in the control panel. You can import a database with a size of up to 16 MB in Premium Hosting.
  1. Go to the MySQL databases section of the Premium Hosting control panel
  2. Click the Manage button of the database you wish to upload your .sql file. This will launch the PhpMyAdmin tool on a separate browser tab or window.
  3. Select your database from the list in left pane of PhpMyAdmin.
  4. Click Import. Your database file may be compressed (gzip, bzip2, zip) or uncompressed. A compressed file's name must end in .[format].[compression]. Example: .sql.zip
  5. Click Browse and select the database saved in your computer. Leave all the other settings in their default values.
  6. Scroll down and click Go. The upload process starts after you click the Go button. Please note that the upload time depends on the size of your database. You should receive a confirmation once the upload is completed.




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