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How to do keyword research in Affilotools?

To enable its functions, you need to first add a domain name in Affilotools. Also, include the keyword research module. Once you’ve added a domain name, you will be able to access the functions on the left sidebar.

  1. Click on Research > Keywords on the left sidebar.
    Affilotools Keyword Research
  2. You have three options for adding keywords to search on the Keywords Research page:

    a. Enter the keywords on the box provided manually.

    Keyword Research - Manual

    b. Enter a URL and click on the "Scan URL" button to scan the website or page for keywords.

    Keyword Research 2B

    c. Drag and drop a CSV file to the box provided, and click on the "Import File" button to import the file to Affilotools.

    Keyword Research - Affilotools 2C


  3. Select a search engine and country, then click on the green "Search" button to run the search, then analyze the results.
    Keyword Research 3

The search results include a “Related Keywords” tab. You can click on this tab to learn about other keywords that are related to your target keywords.

You can take a peek at what your competitors’ target keywords are by placing the URL to their site on the Keyword Research page, then click on “Scan URL” button.

You may refer to our blog post on Affilotools’ Keyword Research Module for additional tips on keyword research using Affilotools.



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