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How do I avoid duplicate content issues with AffiloJetpack?

AffiloJetpack comes with a lot of content for you to use on your website and in your marketing. Whether you need to rewrite it to avoid duplicate content issues depends on what the content is and how you use it.

Autoresponder series

Duplicate content isn't an issue for the autoresponder content as the search engines can't read emails. If you want to, you are welcome to make your newsletter sequence more unique by rewording the first few emails, or by turning some of them into videos. But doing this isn't necessary. They are perfectly fine as they are.

Mini eBooks

The mini eBooks are in PDF format to be given away or sold as a download to your customers. Because they are not online content, duplicate content won't be an issue as the search engines can't read PDFs. 

The 20 Content Cheat Sheets

Duplicate content is definitely something to be thinking about when it comes to writing articles for your website. The 20 content cheat sheets that come in every Affilojetpack niche pack contain ideas that you can write about for your site. You can write your own articles, based on ideas from these cheat sheets, or hand them over to your writer.

There is no need to re-write articles, or spin them to avoid duplicate content. You will be able to write your own with the help of these cheat sheets. You can give them to a writer too and they will be able to easily produce articles for you based on the ideas provided in these content sheets.

If you are more interested in driving paid traffic from sources outside of Google and Yahoo to the squeeze pages, you won't have to worry about duplicate content, as quality score and duplicate content isn't much of an issue.

In this case, you can easily slap up your website and let your autoresponder sequence do the heavy hitting for you.