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  • How much does Affilotools cost?

    ALL Affilorama members have access to the free version of Affilotools. The FREE version allows you to monitor 1 website, research 10 keywords, and 2 search engines. Below is...
  • What is Affilotools?

    Affilotools is a browser-based, Premium suite of tools for marketers. It gives you a "whole picture" of what is going on with your website: search rankings, social...
  • How to do keyword research in Affilotools?

    To enable its functions, you need to first add a domain name in Affilotools. Also, include the keyword research module. Once you’ve added a domain name, you will be able...
  • How often are Affilotools Rankings updated?

    Affilotools Rankings are updated either daily, every three (3) days, or weekly. You can set the frequency by following the steps below:   Login to Affilotools...
  • How to find a domain name using Affilotools

    Affilotools can also be used to search for possible domain names for your website. Be sure to check out our guide on how to find and choose domain names before following the...



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