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Will the AffiloJetpack niches get oversaturated?

The great thing about the niches Mark has chosen for you in AffiloJetpack is that all of them are 100 million dollar plus industries, some of them are multi-billion dollar industries. So you don't have to be a big fish in any of these niches in order to make good, consistent sales.

What you do need to know though is how to market to your niche using a unique angle so that you aren't competing using the same strategy as everyone else.

Here's an example of how to ensure you aren't battling excessive competition...

Mark teaches you how to do this in great detail inside AffiloJetpack, but a good example is the dog training niche.

You could easily use AffiloJetpack to set up a general dog training site, complete with a fantastic autoresponder sequence. But if you want to have less competition, then a better idea would be to set up a website focused on one breed of dog.

There are over 600 different dog breeds, so you could reword the dog training content that we give you to focus your site to be on how to train poodles, or how to train bulldogs, or you could even just focus on puppy training. Other options would be to focus in on dog health issues or dog food recipes, as both of those are very closely related.

Mark teaches you how to find a unique angle for your website in detail inside the AffiloJetpack members' area. He shares several great strategies he has for attacking these niches from a different angle to most other affiliates, which will ensure that you won't have to deal with excessive competition.