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How do I restore my theme settings in AffiloTheme

You can easily import theme profiles in AffiloTheme using its built-in import/export tool. Please follow the instructions below for importing or restoring your previously downloaded theme profile into your AffiloTheme site.

Warning: Importing a theme profile will overwrite your current theme settings. It is important that you backup your current theme settings before importing a previously saved theme profile.

  1. Go to AffiloTheme > Settings and Update  > Import & Export.
    Affilotheme New Settings and Update
  2. Click the Browse button and select the theme profile to be imported. A theme profile has a .tar extension.
  3. Select Import attachments if you would like to replace the site's current header image and favicon with the header image and favicon included in the theme profile to be imported.
  4. Click Import. You should see a message confirming that the theme profile has been successfully imported once the import process is completed.


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