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How do I install AffiloTheme using C-Panel?

Installing AffiloTheme is much faster and easier in C-Panel since it has a File Manager tool which can be used to upload and extract Affilotheme files directly into the themes folder. Please follow the detailed instructions below if your web hosting company supports C-Panel.

Note: Not all web hosts provides C-Panel access. You may still follow the instructions below even if your host does not have C-Panel provided that it has a similar File Manager tool which can be used to upload and unzip files.

Note: If you are hosting multiple sites on a single hosting account, you will need to upload the AffiloTheme to the  wp-content/themes directory of the specific website where you want to install the theme.

Example: public_html/

  1. Download the latest version of the AffiloTheme here and save it to your Desktop.
  2. Access the File Manager tool on your C-Panel.
  3. Open the public_html directory
  4. Open the wp-content directory
  5. Open the themes directory
  6. Once inside the themes directory, click Upload.
  7. Click Browse.
  8. Locate and Select on your Desktop
  9. Wait until the upload process is 100% complete.
  10. Reload the themes folder to show the
  11. Right-click and select Extract to unzip the AffiloTheme files into the themes folder.
  12. Double-check if is being unzipped in the themes folder then click Extract Files to proceed.
  13. Click Close once the theme files are unzipped .
  14. Go back to the wp-content directory and make sure that uploads folder exists. You need to create the uploads directory using the Create Folder button in case this directory does not exist. Do not delete or rename any existing uploads directory.
  15. Log on to your Wordpress dashboard.
  16. In the Appearance page, locate the Affilotheme V4 and then click Activate. You will automatically be redirected to the Layout and Themes page after activating the theme.
  17. In the Layout and Themes page, select the child theme and the color variation from the available options.
  18. Click Save Settings to save your selection.


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