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What Else Will I Need to Purchase to Implement AffiloJetpack?

AffiloJetpack contains most of what you need to build an affiliate website, but there are a couple of things you need to purchase:

  1. Join an autoresponder service, such as Fluttermail. To help you build your list and follow up with them automatically using the AffiloJetpack autoresponder sequences that you'll be given with each niche pack. Fluttermail costs around $20per month, and you'll find other autoresponders charge a similar amount. Mark provides full step-by-step instructions for setting up an autoresponder inside AffiloJetpack and the Affilorama staff are on hand to help if you get stuck, so you'll find that this is very easy to set up.
  2. Register a domain name for each niche site. This costs about $10 per domain name at places like Namecheap and Godaddy, or you can buy one through Affilorama Domains. Mark has provided full instructions for this in the Training section of AffiloJetpack.

For the first 12 months we provide you with free hosting for your AffiloJetpack sites. After your 12 months free hosting is up, AffiloJetpack Lite Hosting costs around $70/year. This covers hosting for all 5 affiliation websites.