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Remove Sidebar and Opt-in Forms

Squeeze pages and opt-in forms are automatically created for websites hosted on Affilojetpack Hosting. You can find these by going to Affilotheme > Squeeze Page and opt-in forms within your Wordpress Dashboard. These are only available within Affilotheme, and cannot be transferred to another Wordpress theme. Switching to another Wordpress theme may permanently delete these squeeze pages and opt-in forms, so you will need to start from scratch.

These pre-made squeeze pages and opt-in forms can be edited or removed so you can use the built-in Thrive plugin to create new squeeze pages and opt-in forms.

You may follow the below steps to remove Affilotheme squeeze pages and opt-in forms from your website. Removing the opt-in forms and squeeze pages from your website do not delete them. You can still find them from within Affilotheme under Affilotheme > Squeeze Page and opt-in forms.

You may also refer to the following video: How to change from AffiloTheme to Thrive Leads signup forms

This is a sidebar form:

Affilotheme Side-bar Form

To remove it, go to Appearance > Widgets on Wordpress.

Appearance  Widgets Affilotheme


On the Widgets page, click on the Affilotheme sign-up form widget and drag it to the "Available Widgets" section.

Affilotheme Sign-up Form


Check the other boxes (Footer Aside 1, Footer Aside 2, etc) to make sure there are no other sidebar forms in there.

Footer Aside - Affilotheme


Opt-in forms usually appear on the bottom of posts like this:

Opt-in Forms - Affilotheme


To remove these opt-in forms, you need to go into each Post and Page that have them and remove the code from within the Post or Page.

Signup ID


Make sure to click on the "Publish" button on the right side of the page to save the changes.

Once you've removed all opt-in forms, you can begin creating new ones using the Thrive plugin.