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Change from AffiloTheme to Thrive Leads Signup Forms

The Thrive plugin is a powerful Wordpress plugin that comes free on websites hosted on AffiloJetpack Hosting. You can create fancy squeeze pages and opt-in forms using this tool. You can access the Thrive tutorials on the AffiloJetpack help page under the "Using Thrive plugins" sub-heading.

Before creating new forms using Thrive, make sure to remove all default sidebar forms and opt-in forms from your website. We recommend watching the video How to change from AffiloTheme to Thrive Leads signup forms, or you may follow the below steps:

  1. Go to Thrive Leads > Dashboard on your Wordpress Dashboard. Please note that if this is your first time accessing the Thrive Dashboard, you may need to click on the green "Thrive Dashboard" button on the page that comes up. Then, select the Thrive Leads Dashboard on the page that comes up.
    Thrive Leads - Affilotheme
  2. Create a Lead Group by clicking on the “Add New” button next to it. A Lead Group determines which Pages and Posts an opt-in form or a squeeze page will appear on.
    Add New Lead Group
  3. Enter a Lead Group Name, then click on the "Add Lead Group" button.
  4. Click on the radial or cog wheel button to select target settings for your lead group.
  5. Select the pages and posts where you want your form to appear, then click "Save and Close."
    Select Pages - Thrive
  6. Click "Add New Type of Opt-In Form" to create a form for your lead group.
    Add Bew Opt-in Form - Thrive
  7. Select from the box that pops up whether you want a "Post Footer" (forms that appear at the bottom of Posts and Pages), or a Widget (sidebar form).
    Select Form - Thrive Leads FAQ
  8. Click on the green "Add" button to begin creating the actual form.
    Add Form Button - Thrive FAQ
  9. On the page that comes up, click on the "Create Form" button on the middle of the page.
    Grey Create Form Button - Thrive FAQ
  10. A form will be created which you can edit by clicking on the blue pen icon.
    Blue Pen Edit - Thrive FAQ
  11. Edit the form. You can save the changes or preview it first by clicking the same buttons on the top of the right sidebar.
  12. After saving, you can then click the 'X' button to exit out or close out that page. Clear your browser's cache and then visit the pages or posts where you indicated the forms to appear. If you created a sidebar form, you need to go to Appearance > Widgets and drag the Thrive Widgets to the sidebar. Select the name of your Thrive lead, and click the Save button. This will save any sidebar opt-in forms you created on Thrive to the sidebar of your website.

Always save any changes and make sure to clear your browser's cache before viewing the website again.