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How to add new affiliate redirects?

Adding a new affiliate redirect to promote a new affiliate product neatly on your site is quite simple. Making sure that you're signed in to affilorama, head to your AffiloJetpack dashboard. On the right hand side you'll see a list of any websites you've made thus far. Hover your mouse over the one you'd like to add a redirect to, and click on "Website Admin."

Website Admin

You'll be taken to WordPress. Hover your mouse over "AffiloTheme" at the top of the left-hand side-bar menu, and then select "Affiliate Redirects" from the sub-menu.

Affiliate Redirects

Then click the "Add New Redirect" button.

Now you simply add in the name and link of this redirect.

The name you enter will be at the end of your new redirect link, (e.g. "") so don't add any spaces or capital letters. All one word, lower case. 

E.G. For a product called "Fitness Freak" you would enter "fitnessfreak" into the name box.  

The link that you place into the "Web Address" box will be your affiliate link. Be sure to add your unique affiliate ID into this link, so that you can earn a commission from anyone clicking through to the sales page via your redirect.

Checking your affiliate redirect details

‚ÄčTo get the details of your affiliate links and redirects, head to your niche in AffiloJetpack, and click on "Affiliate Products" in the right-hand side-bar menu. 

Affiliate Products

Then download your affiliate product details via the big green button.

download affiliate product details

Then you'll find the links for your redirects in the "Aff Link" column, and the name for your redirects at the end of the link in the "Redirect" Column. 

Affiliate Product Details

Remember that it's the part after "/go/" in the redirect link that is entered as the name in your redirects in WordPress. Don't forget to replace the "enterid" part of the link with your actual Clickbank ID!

You can always look at the latest spreadsheet from AffiloJetpack to check your affiliate redirects, and add any if they're missing for any reason.