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Video On Each Webpage: Good Or Bad?

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Video On Each Webpage: Good Or Bad?

I'm debating whether or not I want to add videos to my webpages. For some reason I don't see other people doing that very often - is there a reason for that? What are your guy's thoughts on doing this? Am I the only one that thinks it sounds like a good idea?

I'm imagining each of my pages with a video, and then the articles themselves underneath the video. A lot of people like myself would rather learn by watching a video than read. And I figure by having a video on each page it will benefit me in other ways as well. Here are some other ways that I thought of that it could benefit me:

1. Google will notice that people stay on my pages longer. People don't usually skip around in videos, but they often do when reading an article.
2. I cater to both kinds of people - those that would rather read, and those that would rather watch.
3. They would be Youtube videos embedded into my site - which means I'd also have my videos on Youtube on my Youtube channel bringing in traffic that way.
4. Some topics can seem rather dull when reading, but with a video, using your voice and enthusiasm levels, personality, and such - you can make the subject seem more interesting.
5. If you know your topic well, talking about it can help create the perception that you're an authority on the subject.
6. With good videos on your site as well, you are probably more likely to get people linking to your site (natural links).

I don't want to be in a video myself, but I thought I could just have a picture on the screen the whole time like some people do, while I talk and educate on my topic. I thought I could tweak a picture of myself a little in Photoshop and maybe have that on the screen as well so that they can see who they're listening to. I could also do the videos in Interview style if I wanted to and have someone interview me - again creating that perception that I'm an authority on the topic.

I know it's not good to have long videos - I'm thinking short 2 or 3 minute videos. I suppose in the video you could say the exact same words that your article says (reading it without sounding like you're reading it). But, I think it would be better to not make it exactly the same as the article. Maybe make the topic briefer, simpler, and more interesting (could perhaps show pictures of what you're talking about, or demonstrate something with Camtasia or whatever). What do you think?

What are your thoughts on having a video on each page of your website?
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Hi Kurt,

This is not such a bad idea, but I think you should look at the article you'll be writing first. Some information are better published in video or slideshow form, others as infographics or podcasts. There are also what they call " whiteboard" videos. This is another great way to present your content.

Hope that helps. Have a good day!
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Hi Kurt
As far as I know is video a good thing, specially youtube video, google loves them, and without documentation, am I a firm believer in the fact, that google favorites youtube, they will help your serp rank, why you can figure out.
But maybe you should place them under some of the article text, for pagespeed, as pagespeed is a SEO factor these days.
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Very good ideas, Kurt.

I am building contents right now and most of them will have videos. I will also have images as well. Info-graphics are new area that I am dabbling on. Also, slide shows are in the works.

I find some of the keywords on my list would lead to either some or more towards other topics that I could have written or will write. So, instead of writing the same or similar things, I just go creative. Let images or the video do the talking even if they are related to some other content.
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