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Submitting to multiple article sites

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Submitting to multiple article sites

When submitting articles to multiple article sites, do I submit the same article or do I need to rework each article for each network?
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Depends on your objective.

Different articles means better indexing by Google (less duplicate content) hence better backlinks. Same article submitted to all sites means you get less valued backlinks since SE's know what you are doing.

PS: My personal experience only.
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It would be best to rewrite each article that you would submit to article directories so that they'll all have a better chance in ranking. Search engines will display unique relevant articles so do rewrite them if you want your articles to be included in the search results.
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My own research indicates that google will still give credit for a link found in duplicate content but will not rank a page with duplicate content. If you are looking for several PR0 links, using duplicate content is fine. If you are going to be posting on articles on sites like hubpages or squidoo you'll want to make sure your content is original.
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