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Should I pay my outsourced staff to learn new skills?

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Should I pay my outsourced staff to learn new skills?

I have a lady in India writing articles for me and have found her very good. I recently asked her if she could do some backlinking for me and she agreed. I then gave her access to some training I have so she could sharpen her skills. She has billed me for the hours she spent going through the information. Now maybe I wasn't clear enough but I wondered what you guys who outsource a lot of you work think. Should I be paying an outsourcer to learn skills when they will be able to use them with other clients? When you send a training video do you expect to be billed for the time they take to view it?
Would appreciate your thoughts.
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Ideally yes, you should be paying your outsourcer for the training time. They are doing it for you and it is pretty much the norm. Think of it this way, if you hired a staff and wanted them to learn something, you will be paying for that. They may join a new company and use those skills there too.

The other options are to hire trained staff or to get work done on project basis.
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Yeah, I have to agree with Sonitin on this one for the points mentioned.
I would not pay for testing them on their skills though by doing a small test for me to see if I want to hire them.

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I think it all depends on how valuable her services are to you. If she is really good, do pay for the training for now, but try to clarify all the details before you do something like this again.
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You should. When you outsource, generally, you are paying for the person's time. Yes, he/she might be able to use it with others, but if that person's work is valuable to you, then it shouldn't matter. Just think of it as a win-win situation between yourself and the person you employed.
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I believe it's only fair to pay your outsourced staff to learn new things. After all, you're not only paying for the person's time but his or her efforts to learn new skill so your staff can accomplish the tasks that you will set for him/her later on.
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