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Separate Articles For Website And For Article Directories

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Separate Articles For Website And For Article Directories

I wanted to get a little clarity on a few things....
When submitting to Article Submission websites, Article Directories, and content for my own website, all of the articles must be different? For an example, when submitting articles for keyword "dog training", and I want to submit the keyword to an article submission website, article directory, and a page for my website that ranks for the keyword "dog training", each article must be different or can each be the same? If they should not be the same, should I be writing 3 different articles for each keyword--(1) article submission, (1) article directorie(s), (1) website?
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Let's start by clarifying what article marketing is. When you conduct article marketing, you will submit your article to various blogs that are similar to yours, not article directories. The directories won't really help your SEO and won't result in any traffic as the typical visitor to a directory is not looking to click through to a third party site.

As for making this idea work, you will want to start by first publishing any article on your website first. As source of first publication and original author, you legally have the right to republish or syndicate the article anywhere else on the internet.

Since your main purpose in article marketing is traffic generation and not duplicate content, then you do not have to fear that republishing content will result in any penalty for the sites that it's being put on.
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I agree with Zoe in that submitting your article to another website/blog AFTER publishing it first to your own website won't harm the SEO value of the article to your site.
I would disagree, however, that submitting to article directories is not worth doing. I feel that it is worthwhile.
There are many people that aren't bothered about their SEO in their blogs, rather looking for good content for their established readership. They will look to article directories for this content, and everytime someone reuses your article/s you gain a good linkback thrpough your respource box along with any direct traffic thru clcikthru.
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When you do "article submission", this mean you submit your articles to an article directory. Submitting your articles for publication on a site that is not a directory is guest blogging or guest posting, not article submission.

Either way, you need 2 original articles targeting 1 keyword : 1 articles goes to your site and the other goes to the article directory or website/blog. In the good old days you only need 1 original article that you can spin in several different ways to be submitted to several different article directories. But articles directories have raised their bar. The good ones require all-original content only.

You can write and publish the original article on your website, re-write the content then publish it on a related website/blog and article directory.

Hope that helps. Have a good day!
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