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Removing Unused WP Images? How?

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Removing Unused WP Images? How?

I've tried some plugins, including media cleaner, but none of them work. I have attempted to delete unattached media from the Media Library, but this resulted in the deletion of images from existing posts. The site's media library has over 10k files. I'm unable to remove it manually. Please please let me know if you need a solution!
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In the WP-Optimize Premium admin page, go to the ‘Photos' tab and select the “Unused images and sizes” tab.
The “Scan website for unused images” button will scan your website for unused images. WP-Optimize can also search the Media Library and the ‘wp-content/uploads' directory for unwanted image files that are not connected or inserted in any posts or sites. You may also opt to delete outdated images by size; however, please note that deleting recorded image sizes is only for advanced users, and caution should be taken to ensure that the image size in question is not being used anywhere on the web.
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To scan your website for unused images, press the “Scan website for unused images” button. WP-Optimize will now scan for unused image files, found both in the Media Library and the ‘wp-content/uploads’ directory, that are not attached or embedded in any posts or pages.

You will now be presented with all the unused images that are on your site. To delete these images, either individually select the images by clicking on the images to highlight them, or press the “Select all” button to delete all unused images.
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Using Media Cleaner, you can clean up your WordPress Media Library.
We'll use the Media Cleaner plugin for this process. It is available as a free plugin as well as a paid version with additional features.

The first step is to download and install the Media Cleaner plugin. See our step-by-step guide to installing a WordPress plugin for more details.

Go to the Media » Cleaner page after activation to analyze the WordPress media library. The plugin can ask you to reset it; this will result in the creation of a new table in your WordPress database for data storage.

After that, press the Start Scan button to initiate the media review.

Media Cleaner can now search your media library as well as your WordPress articles and sites for files. It can look for files in your media archive that aren't being used on your website.

Depending on the scale of your media libraries and the material you have, this could take some time.

When you're finished, you'll see a list of results. It will show all of the media files on your website that are currently not in use.
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1. Open an FTP client, such as FileZilla, and then go to the WordPress installation folder.
2. Navigate to the wp-content folder. Start looking for a directory called "uploads" after you've opened it.
3. Go to the "uploads" folder and open it. All of your photographs should be organized into folders and stacked by month.
4. Go through all of those directories and look for any photographs that aren't in use. Delete it when you locate one. Repeat the process until all unnecessary picture files have been found and deleted.
5. This task might be time-consuming and inconvenient. For a simpler and faster technique of removing photos with plug-ins, see the tutorial below.
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You can try media cleaner or other plugins on wordpress, else you would do it manually.
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Do these solutions work for you or not? do respond so that others can get idea!
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