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Removing Bulk Spam Comments

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Removing Bulk Spam Comments

Hello there,

Every day, I get a large number of spammy blog comments. say, 10k+ (in total) How can I get rid of them all at once? Is there a useful WordPress plugin I could use?
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Batch Comment Spam Deletion plugin. It's an easy but powerful tool for removing spam comments from the comment section. It does so without causing the server to slow.
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Akismet Anti-Spam Plugin automatically checks all comments and filters out the ones that look like spam
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Bulk Delete Spam Comments
Install the Delete Pending Comments Plugin.
Go to Comments –> Delete Pending Comments (see screenshot)
Enter the text it tells you then click “delete pending comments”
Delete this plugin when you're done.
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Reason: spamming

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WP Bulk Delete is one of the best plugins for deleting all WordPress comments in bulk. It allows you to delete a large number of different categories of data at once, including but not limited to comments. The best thing is that you can customize the filters and conditions to meet your own requirements.
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Bulk Delete Spam Comments in WordPress

-Install the Delete Pending Comments Plugin.
-Go to Comments –> Delete Pending Comments (see screenshot)
-Enter the text it tells you then click “delete pending comments”
-Delete this plugin when you're done
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Using a captcha service/plugin is a good idea. Prevention is better than cure.
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If you only have a few hundred pending comments, it’s quite quick to delete them manually.

Simply go to the ‘Comments’ page in WordPress admin area and then click on the ‘Pending’ tab to see a list of all your pending comments.
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In your WP dashboard scroll on the plugins widget.
In the search plugin box search for Delete All Comments.
Install the Plugin Delete All Comments.
Activate the Plugin by clicking on Activate Plugin.
After activation, visit Tools - Delete All Comments page.
Delete all comments, displays the total number of comments on your website, checkbox and delete all button.
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