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Proper Job Description at or

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Proper Job Description at or

I just joined and and will pay for some content. Just need to make sure I give proper instruction to the ghostwriter so no miss understandings happen to slow my progress.

The points I want to state in the Job Description are:

1. will be given a list of keywords

2. turn keywords into a title using these three styles (how to, ways to, tips)
- examples: how to keyword, 7 ways to keyword, 3 keyword tips

3. focus content on reader. Reader wants to know how to accomplish something specific related to keyword.

4. writing style should be conversational more than informational. (not sure if people get better writing from outsourcers in one style over another?)

5. return my articles in txt format. Name the txt file the same as the keyword given. Inside the file will be the article title and content.

6. reserve right to get 3 revisions, if I think it's needed.

7. please provide two writing samples so that I get a real good idea of the quality of your writing ability.

If you have any suggestions, please reply.

- Eric
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Sounds Good Eric.
No4. I would have the article conversational and informational myself.. but up to you.

You also need to specify how many words you need and a time frame for the job being finished.
If it is not finished by the timeframe agreed upon then you get a 10% discount etc...

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I know Mark promotes elance, but the hassles and time to get good articles is not worth it. People get spun and rewritten plr and others content

I rarely need articles written now but when I do and others here will tell you Need an article is by far and away the best on the net
Its $9.95 a month and 500word articles are $5.50 they do larger ones press release,ezine etc they will also write for spin
Any way you can join for a few months and get heaps, up to you
The longest I have waited for ten articles is 4 days, you also get rewrites
Rarely do you need to correct
They are mostly American writers
This is not a blatant affiliate promotion they are good
My commission if one uses my link is $4 but you do not have to, just delete the affil link ... =r&aid=221
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Thanks for the comments.

I knew I would forget something simple, like the word count. Thanks Troy.

I'll look into, thanks affil96754.

Anyone else have experience with
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Hi bro and sis,

I read some opinion about this topic in citehr forum. We can find out some articles at or, I think that it is useful for our community.

This link below can show more info, you can find them at: IT job descriptions

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