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Please Critique My Article

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Please Critique My Article

As I write my own articles, I was thinking of writing and selling them as well. I would appreciate an honest review of my writing technique from the article below. Thanks.

"Weight reduction and burning calories usually appear to go hand in hand. Everyone seems to be unduly worried regarding how many calories they're burning once they do physical exercise. Therefore if you want to burn up calories and would really like to test something new, then this short article is for you personally.

The primary suggestion will be an actual shocker! Rather than usually stressing about the best methods to burn up calories why don't you just restrict the quantity of calories that you simply are consuming. Now coming from someone who really likes to eat, you are most likely eating much more than you need to do, but I attempt to differ the quantity of calories I eat every day. At some point I'll restrict myself to 1200 calories, then the following day 1,000 calories and after that around the 3rd working day I would reward myself and consume ice cream, pizza, and so on... By doing this the body's metabolic process is usually operating and dealing with various quantity of calories nearly each working day.

Try tapping your feet whenever you are sitting down. Trust me or not, this burns calories.

Whenever you are sitting down, watching TV, driving or sitting down at your desk perform abdominal exercises. This will exercise the stomach muscle tissues and create good powerful abdominal muscles and it'll also help keep the abdomen, colon, and so on cellular and energetic to ensure that the meals you consume will get processed without and problems or issues.

Munch on some celery. The body really burns much more calories digesting the celery when compared with the quantity of calories that are inside a celery stalk.

Consume green tea since it will bump up your metabolic process and burn up calories.

Consume smaller sized foods all through the whole working day. Try eating meals from a bread and butter plate instead of a dinner plate. You won't notice the difference.

Eat between 7am and 7pm simply because that's when your stomach is most energetic and digests meals much more effortlessly.

Your exercises should be done in the morning. That is when you will burn the most calories.

Fat burning dietary supplements can also be an additional method to burn up calories.

Adhere to these recommendations for a few quick, simple ways to burn up calories and shed excess weight."

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I'm not a professional writer so I don't think that I'm qualified to critique your work. But I will give you feedback on it from a reader's point of view.

There's a lot of unnecessary words. For example:
Therefore if you want to burn up calories and would really like to test something new, then this short article is for you personally.

The above can be written as:
If you want to burn calories and want to test something new, then this short article is for you.

You might want to write tips in bullet points, and use sub-headings. People tend to skim articles when reading online so sub-headings make it easier for your readers to go through the important points in your article.

CopyBlogger is a great resource for any one writing online. They offer free tutorials so be sure to sign up.

Hope that helps. Have a good day!
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benlauren wrote:
Therefore if you want to burn up calories and would really like to test something new, then this short article is for you personally.

There is nothing wrong with this sentence, but I hope you could avoid sentences like 'you have come to the right place', or 'then this is for you' or something like your sentence. There are many places/articles/websites that have done similar topics. I would prefer that you write something like: "Have I done enough to burn calories" lingers in your mind about whether you should try to exercise more or try a dietary supplement or program. (following your previous sentence).

Does this article have bullet points in the original draft?
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You have some very good points here, such as when to eat or what to eat, however, it's very disorganized. You would do much better by having an introductory paragraph that quickly transitions into a neatly presented bullet point list of weight loss tips.
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