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Personal Development Blog

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Personal Development Blog

Hi There,

I'm creating Personal Development Blog with Productivity, Goal Setting, Mind Set and Habits mainly targeting young employees. What kind of Personal Development related topics or issues do you want me to create content? This is part of my research and your thoughts are very useful. Thanks.
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You can find plenty of topics from other personal development blogs. Or visit forums on personal development and self-help to see topics that people are looking for and need most help with.

All the best!
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I would love to hear topics on career goals, how to land the perfect job, how to increase productivity in the office, and how to be promoted.
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"Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment." ~Sidhhartha Guatama
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One topic I would consider important is
Getting Things Right First Time -
so often you don't get a second chance!
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You are able to find lots of themes from other private development sites. Or see forums on private development and self explanatory to find topics that people want to get and need most help with.
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If you want to make a personal blog then make the plan first that what type of blog you can made brand. Target the audience first and complete strategy needed.
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Hi there, it's great to know that you have interest in personal development. You can write literally anything on a personal development blog so long as you know how to relate your content to make them relevant. I'd love topics like "how to be an achiever at work"
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I would say something like create some time for everything, some time plan, something really cool here. Something like how to ask for salary increase properly and something more like that here. Basically sort of that things. Maybe something else.
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Yes information on productivity and goal setting would be very useful indeed.
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That's interesting . you could just know some technology related news because now a days everyone knows the importance of their works how is related to recent trends..
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It’s a known fact that people get bored with reading rehashed content. So, it is very important to keep your blogs alive with fresh content and topics. I found *moderator removed link* very helpful. I hope you do too.
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