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Looking for good video recording tool or software

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Looking for good video recording tool or software

Hi all,

I am looking for a camera/audio set that can produce good quality video and audio, with a recording time between 30 minutes to 1 hour.

Any advice on what camera's/audio equipment to use and how to upload?

I have seen people use a camera to record, but then be holding some sort of microphone or piece of equipment to speak into.

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If you will only record tutorials from your PC, you may simply use Camtasia or Jing for this. They offer an audio/video recording where you can show and share your screen with your viewers.

If you will be recording offline, then a camcorder is a good pick. You may read this blog post for tips:
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Hi duraid,

You can download Open Source Video & Audio Recorder which is called Open Broadcaster Software. I record my games for streaming and for uploading purposes. Try it here .. its free .. click the link

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+1 for camtasia. is also good.
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Yes record things such as powerpoint presentation, Camtasia and Screenflow are good choices.
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Some of the suggestion here are excellent and great to use, but we need to make sure we read the features very carefully instead of getting confused, as it is vital to have clarity over doing things. I use simple way instead of wasting my energy over things that I am not exactly not sure about.
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