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Keyword analysis for articles?

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Keyword analysis for articles?

I'm loving TT's page analysis tool for websites, but I was wondering if anyone knew of a tool that could check the keyword density of an article? While I'm working on articles for my site now, I can see how this would be helpful later on when I'm submitting articles and such for backlinks.


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Just post your article as draft or something in your blog or site and check it with Traffic Travis Page Analysis Tool. After you know the keyword density, delete your post/article from your site. It's a bit troublesome, but can't think of any other free software that could do the job...
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If youre using WordPress you can save a page as draft, but still view it online (link from within the WP Admin page list).

From there you can use a Firefox plugin like SEOpen - and then just right click on the page and choose Keyword Density - it will open a new tab with the density of every word on the page.
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Hi gradyp,

A while back I have downloaded DupeFree Pro which is excellent for checking the keyword density. You just paste your article into the software, type in your keyword and hit enter and it gives you the exact percentage your keyword appears throughout the article. There is also a little smiley that indicates if your keyword density is good or not ;)

However, I dont know if it is still offered for free.

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