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Is There Such A Thing As Too Much Content?

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Is There Such A Thing As Too Much Content?

How much do search engines love new content being added onto a site. I would think a lot, but any feedback on that? If you are treating your site as a blog, and constantly updating (every couple of hours) news and information to your readers, is that a good thing for SEO, or can you overdo it?


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Jason, I have found since the latest with my google webmaster tools that I am climbing a lot faster in the serps simply by posting one or two articles per week and that's it. I do different backlinking strategies at least 3 to 4 times a week all myself and I can't believe the positive impact its having.
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According to my strategy, new content is something that comes naturally. I mean, whenever there are any important updates to products or services, then the new content is added on site. Plus, it's important to share it in social networks for traffic and exposure purposes.

So, my point is that updating a site on a daily basis is not necessary at all, while it seems to be a good frequency for posting updates on Facebook and Twitter accounts, and here industry news, interesting blog posts etc. is something that does well.
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Content is very important if you want your website to be attractive to users and you want to rank high in the search engines, like Google. However, the volume of content that you have isn’t nearly as important as the overall quality of it.
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Regularly updating your site is good. But it doesn’t mean that you update it every couple of hours. When you add some valuable content to your site and share it on different social media platforms will make it popular and users will come to your site and like and share that post to their network also. Also, from SEO viewpoint, updating your blog with new and useful information on a regular basis is not harmful.
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I thinks adding content not only helps your search engine ranking by adding seo keywords that get searched but also increases your popularity with Google. It gives your blog or your website informative content for your customers and clients and will increase the people reading your information.
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Adding as much as possible articles on your websites, helps google crawling, so it's best think to do. However it means that you have to do al lot of interestings things to say. Quality is essential, more than quantity
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