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Is Autoblogging still good?

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Is Autoblogging still good?

Anyone have experience with auto blogs? Is still profitable? Can you share some guide on how to do it properly.
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Yes it is profitable but it can also be risky. Its not for beginner
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Autoblogging is Good because:
Grabbing content from an independent blog owner is no different than re-posting an article from Ezine Articles or other article directory. Republishing a blog's feed is entirely legitimate. It is a good SEO technique that brings HOARDS of traffic.
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Though auto blogging has a poor rep in the blogging community, it does generate revenue. However, you cannot expect an automated blog posting app to function for you simply by downloading it.
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Yes, Autoblogging is good & it is increasing day by day, it is one of the best-earning platforms, or it’s probably an affordable business.
To do it properly, you have to select a great niche &
Choose your blogging platform & affiliate product,
Install a plug-in or
Build backlinks to boost web traffic.
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Autoblogging can still generate good profits but you should treat it with caution as it may make you lose lots of money if you don't set autoblogging properly.
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If you want to generate money from your blog but don't have the time to devote to it, you've probably considered becoming an automatic blogger.
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From my personal and years of digital marketing experience, I never, ever recommend auto blogging; always, always produce your own.
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If I'm not mistaken autoblogging should be considered as something like a plagiarisms but you choose blogs by your own. If yes, then it can be very profitable activity, however it's kinda dicey, you know. Plagiarism is bad in my opinion, and bloggers would better take something from one blogger and something from other blogger, then combine it and get a full content. Of coure you should describe everything in your blog by your own words without copypasting. To my mind, where is a risk there is good money, nevertheless it can easily turn against you actually. That's why you have to be very careful with autoblogging.
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Auto blogging is like stealing other content and it is not recommended. It's always better to create your own content. You can do a lot with your original content, like monetizing it. I am a seller on Kallisto and I've been making a good amount there because of my blogs. 
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It has some advantages, I can't say it doesn't, especially as it automatize the process and help you save time, but this tactic definitely isn't something that is recommendable for beginners and people without some real experience in this field, as if you do it wrong you can risk being banned or something worse.
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sekneshgqme wrote:Anyone have experience with auto blogs? Is still profitable? Can you share some guide on how to do it properly.

If you have the perfect tool for the purpose, Auto-blogging still works for you.
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