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Important to remember when publishing article online

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Important to remember when publishing article online

What are the important things we have to remember while posting or writing blog main 90% of attraction is just because of title
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The title helps attract readers but to make them stay until the end of your content is dependent entirely on how you write the body of your article. You can refer to our tips below on how you write a good content for your blog:

I hope that helps.
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1. Use the right keywords
2. Follow proper SEO practices.
3. Don't plagiarize. If you need to use the ideas of others, be sure to give proper credit.
4. Include pictures and media to add to the aesthetic appeal of your article.
5. Most Important: Always create quality contents that is valuable to your readers.
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Yeah..!!! No doubt that title plays the important role in the blogging. But mostly nowadays people prefer to look for the good content. If you are using quality content, you can get the huge traffic towards your websites.
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Yes, I agree that 90% attraction is your blog title. But if you have fresh and understandable content with usable information on which your title is based that means you write a good blog. Always write content, when reader read that content then he/she can easily find their problem's solution in your content.
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