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How to check if an article is well written

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How to check if an article is well written

I have written 3 articles so far. But don't know if they are any good. I need to know how to check if an article is well written.

The niche I've written about fits all the rules I have learned from Affiloblueprint (

I am quite new to the renewable energy niche and don't know if i can write any more good quality articles.

Additionally, I'm about to pick a name for the site but worry it will be a waste of time.

Any support would be appreciated.

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without seeing your article it is hard to tell.Do a search on your keyword and read the articles in the first page, see if yours is similar or better.
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Look at the kinda articles you like, if they fit your criteria of being a good article then someone will surely like them.
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If English is your first language it shouldn't be too hard. Just give them a read (or give them to someone else if you've written them) and see how they feel. You should be looking for more than just correct grammar, people need to find them interesting and valuable.

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Its hard to write about something you know nothing about so I suggest that you buy books on Renewable Energy Sources. It will definitely help you generate more content for your articles.
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Hi kenlui,

Three articles is a good start, but you're going to be needing a few more to crack the renewable energy niche in a significant way.

To check if an article is well written, get yourself in a readers mind-set and critique it, or better yet, ask someone to critique it for you. Rule of thumb is that if its not supplying the reader with the information they're looking for, then its not going to be doing a lot for your affiliate marketing strategy either.

Does the content of your article directly reflect the title?
Does it present new, interesting, controversial, exciting or evocative ideas or news? If not, does it present referenced facts and other information?
Is it as near to grammatically correct as you can get it? Have you eliminated all spelling mistakes? Punctuation?

Regarding your note about “not being able to write more” - Soldier on! Many users have reported that around the 7 to 10 article mark writing starts to become a lot “free'r”

paulinefojas's suggestion of buying and reading up books on "Renewable Energy Sources" is an excellent recommendation.

Keep your head up and good luck!
Jeremy G
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If you write as well as you post you shouldn't have any problems. I've read articles on ezineArticles that weren't as well spoken.
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Good articles are well-researched with good references. It would be great if you could join some forums related to your chosen niche so that you'll be able to write articles that are interesting, relevant and up-to-date.
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