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How Can I Write Unique Content Each Time?

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Hi Steve,

Writing unique content each time sounds like a monumental task, but it's not so if you know where to look for sources. The thing is "unique content" doesn't mean you're writing on a whole new topic that no one knows about or that you're sharing new information no one has heard of. "Unique" means your own view of the topic you're writing about.

If you're writing to give your opinion on the newest diet plan, or you're writing a review for the latest blockbuster movie, it will be unique content when published because these are your own views. Citing or crediting sources and quoting related articles on your post doesn't make it less unique.

There is such a thing as tone and point of view when writing. There are also several angles you can look from when writing. I can write several articles on how to lose belly fat: I can write one article about losing belly fat after pregnancy, another article on losing belly fat through a five-minute fitness routine, and losing belly fat by eating the right food.

You can see that these articles are about losing belly fat, but they are still talking about different things. The topic is the same but the main idea of each article is different.

Content Curation helps a lot in writing good, quality articles for your website. Here is a list of content curation tools that can help you.

Hope that helps. Have a good day!
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Good advice....cecille.l....I really like the your suggestions here and hope it is going to help...
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Follow the steps

- Offer new insight
- Your own opinions
- personal experiences
- An interesting twist
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be willing to go in depth and take the information you are sharing to a level that most people in your niche aren't doing.

For example, when I was working in the weight loss niche, I saw a lot of articles about dieting and what types of food to eat. However, most people don't like diets because they think they won't like the foods they have to eat.

To overcome that, Instead of just sharing what types of foods were healthy, I went and found, tested and shared recipes using those foods. its a great way to engage people and show them something that other people in that niche aren't really doing very often.
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I would recommend to read some interesting books from some bestselling authors. It would give you some ideas about their writting styles. And as cecille.l states, you dont have to write about something no one knows about.

Just make sure your copy has some basic elements:
-An attractive header
-Persuassive call-to-action advice
-Assuring the reader they are one step closer to their goal by reading your content.

I suggest that you record yourself reading the article that you have writen so you have an idea of how may your audience perceive it, so that you can edit it.

Best Regards
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Another good way of writing a unique article is by using the POWER OF ASSOCIATION.
Meaning, if you have a topic/subject to write about, do a little brainstorming or even Google for ideas associating the subject matter.

Note it down in point forms and start expanding it. There you are! Viola! In no time you will have a decent 800+ word UNIQUE article!

Saying this is easy. Just start trying 1 article at a time. Soon it will take you much less time to write a single unique article.
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Writing unique content each time is a challenging task for sure, but it can be done with innovation. Make sure that your new editions are not mere re-writes.
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kallayprasanth05 wrote:Writing unique content each time is a challenging task for sure, but it can be done with innovation. Make sure that your new editions are not mere re-writes.

Hey Prashant

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Very good advice on content creation. An issue I have not been able to resolve is what is the perfect length for a post in an email series. While, it should not be too long which might lose the readers attention, at the same time, since it must cover very good quality content to keep them interested and also looking forward to getting the next mail, what is the general length one should stay withen? Can somebody throw some light on this issue?
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One of the easiest ways to get an original article is by conducting an interview with a niche expert. In this way, you will get content that is generated by an outside source, directly related to your own niche and topic of your choice. Except for the questions, the rest of the content will be written by someone else. This is not only a good way to get unique content but also add credibility to your blog as you are directly quoting an industry or niche expert.
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