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eBook - Create Your Own Product

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eBook - Create Your Own Product

Creating an ebook is quite simple, there is no need for extra software or publishing software, you probable how all you need already on your computer, MS Word.

List your chapters, this will serve as an outline to writing your book. You can get a professional looking book cover at Fiverr for $5, what a great service.

Write what your passion or research a topic that interest you. Stay motivated, just write one page a day. Schedule time everyday just for writing your book, no distractions, no email, no phone.

Writing an ebook is free, no shipping cost, no agent fees, no cost to publish, just press the PDF button on Word.
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I've just started writting my first eBook and so far it's flowing quite well. It's based on an industry that have almost 20 years experience in so that helps. It's actually very enjoyable to sit and write when it's a subject that you're familliar with - saves a lot of time on researching.
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Hi guys,

Once you're done with your e-book, how do you plan to promote it? What do you think of Amazon CreateSpace?
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