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Best Information Product Creation Tools/E-Book/Or Company?

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Best Information Product Creation Tools/E-Book/Or Company?

I want to create my own information products so I can sell them on the sites I build. Please do not try and talk me out of it. Your time would be better spent helping me find the best tools / e-book / free lancers etc. I can use to get the job done.

I need your input on what is the best information product creation company how to create an information product e-book or freelancers that you have used for creating your info. product.

I need e-book cover creators, web site for my product, and writers also.

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There are members who are offering these services in the Affilorama Services forum. Maybe you could hire them to help you ;)
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I write my own ebooks, so cant really say who to use, but for ebook covers, I use TrueBoxSHot cover creator. there are a lot of really cool templates that you can use, or you can do your own custom. you can also save templates so that if you have multiple images, or need the same template theme for bonuses etc... you can easily make new images using the same template and inserting your text for each one.
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Creating your own information products is a totally whole new ball game altogether from affiliate marketing.

I think Sean Morrissy (past member of Affilorama) recently just created a product on it on his website (you have to opt in to his list to get to the sign up link, but theres no sales page at all..)

Or you can just go to ... rerid=4315 (yup its a referral link but the forum is free to join, just doing it for fun) and then go to the section on "Product Creation" or "Hot Clickbank Listings & Launches", lots of tons of free information on product creation , testing, tweaking and conversion if you take the time to search around the forums.

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