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Anyone use PLR Pro? What do you think of it?

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Anyone use PLR Pro? What do you think of it?

Hey Mark and others, what do you guys think of PLR Pro??

Anyone use plr pro? I am thinking of signing up for their articles so it makes it easier for me to write my articles (I know I need to reword them for uniqueness).

What is their customer service like?

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Where is Marc Lindsay? He owns it. jump in here and let em know Marc :lol:
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hey ..I was a member until I had to leave because I am flat broke,but it pains me greatly to have to leave. A fantastic service,excellent customer service.great articles,they are doing so much for their members.I cannot say enough about them.That sounds like an affiliate sales page,no? Well it should be those guys and their service is fantastic.flat out.If they want to give me a free subscription for saying so, I would not mind. either way,I will definitely re-up when I can afford it,not that it is so expensive,I just cannot do it now.You won't regret it,of that I am sure!!
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Hello George,

I am a member of PLRpro and it is simply OUTSTANDING! It's the perfect tool for me to use here at Affilorama. I highly recommend it. There customer was done through their forum and responses were always timely. I believe they just implemented a new support system that is even better.

Good luck!
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Where is Marc Lindsay? He owns it. jump in here and let em know Marc

He's on his way to the states today, I'm leaving tomorrow. He's going on a separate trip, but I'll see him over there.

I had the opportunity to meet him a month ago when him and Daniel Turner flew over from Australia to do some interviews (2 more are coming very soon that teach how to make money from private label rights, and another where they interviewed me about affiliate marketing).

Anyway, my impression of them as people were that they were people of very high character and also very bright and they are not 'guberoos', they are genuine people who care a lot about their customers and people they deal with.

From what I've seen of plr pro and discussions with them, it seems very very good.

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Thanks for all the great comments guys.

We really do try to take plr content to the next level. This is content that we would gladly put on one of our sites anyday.

In fact just recently we increased the quality of all of our writers and increased article cost by 50%. To guarantee that we are providing a wicked membership.

It has been thanks to the great members that we have been able to take it to the next level, because without you guys, suggestions and ways to improve we probaby wouldnt have known exactly what you wanted.

Let me tell you that just meeting Mark Ling alone has helped us realise not only how well we are doing, but what we can do to provide the same level of quality that Mark provides with all his products.

Anyhow enough of a rant from me, if anyone has any questions I will be more then happy to help.

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My name is Kerry. I am currently a member of PLR Pro. In fact, I have joined 2 of their groups. So I'm getting 22 different niche packs a month! So far. I have created about 5 blogs and hope to create another 10 or so this month of Sept. I really like their service! Marc is pretty helpful. They seem to try their best to 'over deliver" on their product. Worth the money...
In fact, that's how I first heard about Affilorama was on PLR Pro's forum!

Hope this helps!
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