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Adding New Content

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Adding New Content

Hi everyone,

Question for you all. Having a niche site/blog is about building confidence in your readers...right? How often should you add new content. With one of our sites we just started, we blog 2-3 times a day. Now every blog is not trying to sell something or even really can be considered an article. It may just be some sports news (It's a sports health and nutrition site) or a quick comment about a game we watched or something big in the news or some scores and get the drift. But how often should we be adding serious articles about a product or products we are selling. Add new articles once a week, twice a week, once a month, twice a month...etc.

I know google likes relevant new material, so the more the better. But at the same time, don't want to look like we are overwhelming our audience.

Any thoughts?

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Hi Jason,

There's no specific rule here. Once the site is up, you can choose to publish articles at least once a week. This ensures you have new content for your users each week.

Always make sure to ping your site when you publish new articles. Be active in sharing your content on social media sites too. You not only get backlinks doing so, you also get traffic to your site.

Hope that helps. Have a good day!
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Like Cecille said there's no set rule just choose a strategy that you can pursue long term and keep track of what comes from it, do you get more sales or less, more traffic or the same, things like that.

Find the sweet spot and hit it hard whilst always improving little by little, to overwhelm your competitors and eventually pass them by, but always with respect and always be learning from them.
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As long as you can keep it up because that is what your readers are going to expect. Me personally I just write a blog post once a week. It gives me time to promote it and other do other things online without stressing but that's the schedule I've set for myself.
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