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Filling my Portfolio!

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Filling my Portfolio!


I am finding it really hard to fill my portfolio to give a fair few examples of the work I can do.

I have one website which has come to a stand still for the minute but I would like to be working on a few different things while I have the time to put on my website / portfolio so I can give different examples of what I can do.

The only thing is finding people who would like me to do some work for them.

I am not trying to be the next big webdesigner and be the best in the world or anything like that I just enjoy doing it and would like to help other people out so how can I do this?

I have thought about offering my services for free as this is the only thing that will get people to have a website?

Any tips from the experts?

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Yes, you need to start by giving your services for free, or at a very, very low price. I also suggest you target individuals and small-medium enterprises. You might want to look at helping non-profit organizations and small colleges/schools to help build your portfolio.
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The answer is to get the word out and about that you are able to create a website for people realizing that not everyone would want a website or blog. I know many students whom have offered services for free only to receive the same rejection percentage as those people looking for a acceptable return on their time.

Something that one receives for free has little value to the recipient. For this reason, offering a service for free is unlikely to get acceptance by friends, acquaintances as well as out right strangers.

That being said your service abilities have not fully been established. This factor alone will make the perceived value of your services less than others that have an established track history.

There is an answer around this problem. Offering services tied to their ability to produce positive results for the business or organization. In this way you can create a portfolio as well as create potential future income by tying the sites monetary performance to a revenue percentage stream.

Either way it is going to require your getting out into the public to sell your services. Many people hate the idea of selling. However, we all sell at one time or another whether you are selling a service or just your personal opinion you are selling. If you really want to build a portfolio get busy; start advertising and selling your plan.

Margene Smith
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One thing that you might try doing is setting a price on your services that is comparable with other people. put up a simple landing page offering your services on your site witha contact form.

Then, go to people and refer to your landing page, but offer it to them for free as a bonus for buying something through an affilaite link, or as an exchange. This way they feel they are getting some value from what you have to offer.

This is how I started up my coaching service when I had never worked with a client before. Now I have a list of several clients that I work with regularly.
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